Retained Executive Search

“Who” we recruit:

A-Player Financial Officers: Chief Financial Officer, Vice-President Finance, Corporate Controller, Audit Director, Chief Compliance Officers and like titles.
Other functional executives – if we have a strong network, and we know the hiring manager/company well. We have strong contacts in Human Resources, for example.

Industry – We cross industries nationally.

“How” we identify A-Player candidates:

Network – Current and past clients and candidates help us identify exceptional talent. Our finance professional association participation keeps our firm name visible to professionals who may be interested in our client opportunities.

Research – We conduct original research to identify companies and people of interest for your role. Our referral sources know we represent high qualify opportunities and are eager to help us.

“Where” we recruit:

Nationally. We had record years in 2009 and 2010. Approximately 50% of our assignments were outside of California.

“Why” we recruit:

To significantly reduce the risk of hiring mistakes. Our accomplishments questions are part of our unique process. Candidates’ written responses reveal whether candidates have accomplishments and interest in the areas most important for success in the role.