How we find your perfect fit


Many search firms set about to:

  • Develop a Position Profile
  • Develop a candidate sourcing strategy
  • Evaluate candidaes against the Profile
  • Consult on the offer to ensure acceptance

What Else Do We Do?

With the hiring manager, we develop questions to learn about a candidate’s past accomplishments that are critical for success in the new role. We go beyond the surface list of responsibilities or WHAT was done to find out HOW WELL it was done. 

  • How will past accomplishments translate to the client's role?
  • What are the areas for the candidate's personal development? "A" Players are looking for career development, to reach their future potential, not to carry out exactly what they've already done.

Many hiring companies overestimate the attraction of their role and underestimate the effort and opportunity required to hire the best candidate. We're here to bridge that gap.


  • Unqualified candidates are eliminated early in the process
  • Candidates can determine if the company’s highest priority areas match where he/she wants to focus his career (not just SKILL, but WILL to do the job)
  • Written communication skills, as well as strategic and tactical thinking capabilities become apparent 

Case in Point:

A client wanted to move forward with a candidate after reviewing his resume and our initial phone screen. The candidate completed our Accomplishments questions after the phone screen. His written responses revealed that his communication and strategic thinking skills weren't strong enough for the role. We recommended removing the candidate from consideration. Our client remarked, “This is what I like about your process. Saves me time. Eliminates candidates that do not meet our leadership and communications bar.”

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