Let Colosi Associates take the headache out of hiring. 

At Colosi Associates we have a strategic, time proven method to find the hire who will not only meet the qualifications you desire but have the right fitvalue and culture

First, we evaluate what you need out of your hire, what qualifications are required, and what your company culture is. Using this, we then look at a vast pool of potential candidates actively seeking out individuals who might fit. Through this networking we find the "A" players - your industry's best hires . With these "A" players we begin to eliminate individuals one-by-one by determining if they are willing to relocate, are they currently trying to change jobs, will they fit with your company's culture, etc. We meet every objection head on ensuring that when the individual walks in for their interview they will not only be the best hire but the one that will continue to help your company flourish. 

Colosi Associates has successfully placed executive roles such as Divisional CFOs of large pubic companies, VP Finance/CFOs of rapidly growing technology/consumer companies, CFO of a large family office, Corporate Controller and similar titles. Most recently Colosi Associates capabilities have expanded to include successful executive human resource assignments.

Risk Reduction:
Our accomplishments evaluation significantly reduces the risk of a hiring mistake - a mistake that can cost your company up to fifteen times an employee's salary.

Accomplishments Evaluation:
We adapt our exacting investigative approach to every search to uncover candidates with the demonstrated strengths and accomplishments needed for success.

Financial Expertise:
As trained CPAs, we can evaluate the candidate's technical skills. Most search consultants are not schooled and accomplished in the function they recruit.