You’re not ready to pay for a contingent or retained search. You decide you’d like to exhaust your network and post/advertise/distribute the role to see if you can generate enough candidates on your own. You're thinking it's not absolutely necessary for the candidate to come directly from your industry. Or maybe you're a non-profit and search fees are just too scary for the organization's budget.

You barely have time to meet candidates, even if the perfect one walks in the door, much less the internal resources needed to select candidates for interviews. It’s a catch 22; you need to make a hire but don’t have the proper time to devote to the search because you’re covering for the role. And your lean internal recruiting team is too busy looking for engineers or staff accountant roles that carry out the company’s primary mission.

So what’s the answer? Hire Colosi Associates on an hourly basis to help you market the role better and evaluate applicants. We can’t guarantee a hire, but our search project management experience will help prevent the things that derail hiring.

Here's Why Hourly Consulting Is A Must-Consider:

1. Fresh, objective perspective. We would determine together what the highest priorities for success in the role are, as well as the attractions - from a candidate's view. Determining measurable goals and the keys for candidate’s success are critical for guiding candidate evaluation. Your position profile must be compelling in the increasingly competitive candidate market. This isn’t a description of a person, i.e. 15 years of who-really-knows-exactly-what experience. Some people with 20 years of experience haven't accomplished what some with 10 years have, for example.

The investment up front always pays off later in time-not-spent on applicants that just aren’t viable or, worse, hiring the wrong person. Hiring mistakes can cost up to 15 times salary. Don’t let this happen to you.

2. Resume expertise. A very experienced recruiter compares each applicant to the thousands accumulated in his/her mind over many years.

Colosi effectively synthesizes information and factors in nuances that non-recruiters or even those who don’t regularly hire Finance talent would be unable to do. For a starting point, what does an A-Player look like on paper? It’s so much more than scanning for key words.

The benefits of speed and judgment that an experienced recruiter brings are well worth the investment. It reminds me of why I call my IT person. When I can't figure something out in 10 minutes, I call him. I don't want to spend hours when he usually knows the answer in a fraction of the time.

Hiring mistakes can cost 15 times salary. Don’t let this happen to you.

3. Timely screening. You really can't wait a few days to engage a potential candidate. Applicants coming to you are active in the job market. You want to quickly identify any diamonds in the roughage. If you lose anyone, your efforts are wasted. You can stand out relative to other hiring organizations with speed alone. 

Many hiring managers think they will have time to vet applicants, which is often aspirational. The opportunity cost is great with everything else on their plates. Spending just an hour or two here and there, or completely putting the project on pause for a few days, will seriously delay or derail making the hire.

4. Maximum reach. Colosi can help develop a position profile that markets your role effectively. It should clearly set you apart from other organizations looking to hire the same talent. Have you invested the time to see how other companies are marketing roles? Uh...probably not! Yes, it takes at least a few hours to develop an exceptionally written profile, but it’s incredibly worthwhile. Publishing a profile that doesn't position you well starts you off behind the ball.

5. Candidate connections. Candidates we don’t already know come to trust us quickly. They view our firm as having a measure of independence, even though we work for you. That ease of discussion and trust means candidates feel comfortable sharing details that ultimately impact whether they will join your team over their other opportunities. It's proven to be instrumental in making a hire.

6. Reduced opportunity cost. Aren't there a thousand other things that are a higher priority and better use of your time - and that you actually LIKE doing? Just saying....

Our finalist VP HR candidate for our large non-profit client mentioned how impressed she was with how we kept the project constantly moving. And that we made sure she was informed and not left in the dark with no information. Showing that the company takes hiring seriously is a great way to keep an A-Player interested.

Colosi's hourly recruiting is broader than our retained search focus of finance and human resources. We can help with most functional areas, as well as finance and HR roles that likely would not have gone to retained search anyway (e.g. director of IT, sales, mid level or staff accounting, planning and analysis). As long as we've invested the time to understand your highest priorities for the role, and the applicant population is not scarce, hourly rate candidate evaluation is worth considering.

Do I need to add that hiring mistakes can cost 15 times salary? Talk to us to reduce the risk of the cost and disruption of a bad hire.