I've been totally stuck. Not just a temporary writer's block but a complete concrete wall stall. I have four or five topics started and none finished! I guess intimidation snuck in. I don't consider myself easily intimidated, especially on the professional front. I've gained a lot of confidence and fearlessness over the years by taking risks, going outside my comfort zone and feeling the rush of an expanded zone. The good news is that people see you as human when you put out content that's not written perfectly and may have a mistake or two. I'm going to remember that. Better 90% good enough than not at all. Don't let 10% wrong intimidate you!

So, let's get back to it. Get going with a few lines. Then one line will inspire the next. 

My radio station commented that "Comparison is the killer of joy" and then added "Facebook is the king of comparison." They were talking about people wanting what others have - certain house etc, then making the point about Facebook prompting constant comparison and the dark side of it, which we've been hearing a lot about lately.

Is comparison good or bad or depends? 

The world is competitive. Work is competitive. We need ways to compare and be inspired by others. It's unbelievable to watch ironman world champion competitors race with what appears to be grace and ease while knowing it's an immense mental struggle piled on to the physical demands. And be inspired by the winner who said, "I never suffered so much." 

There's a fine line between inspiration and intimidation. 

I have to work hard in my casual-but-committed sports of swimming, biking and running to pay attention ONLY to MY goals. I managed some training gains and unexpected individual sport gains last year. But racing? A bust if I just look at total time. 

I crossed the line into intimidation. It is a race, isn't it? Yes it is. I must stop watching the others and start focusing on me. On my specific definition of success. And I'm going to start logging the very specific little gains that are worth happiness and gratitude to build on. It's a bit easier to do after coming back from an injury. An injury causes you to re-set. Appreciate gains. If you've felt down (mental "injury" counts) or just stuck, think about a serious re-set.

An overwhelming number of authors and people in conversation swear that meditation will improve focus . Improved focus will help you achieve goals and be happy(ier) with results. 5- 10 minutes per day. Do-able. 

What will you do in your personal and work life to stay focused? Can you proactively communication with your boss to make sure you're on the same page about what you need to accomplish for success? Keep calm(er) and truly carry on. 

I've asked a number of people what they plan to START doing and STOP doing next year. More to come on their responses