It's still super tough to hire in our candidate driven market, even when hiring companies are open to very flexible work arrangements. There are other factors beyond commute as well. Thought I'd share our experiences to give you a sense for it....
“My current commute is just 15 minutes. The CEO I met with (at your client company) was great. I could see myself working with him. Our company isn’t growing. Yours is.  I would have a faster path to CFO; I can see that.  However, the commute would be 45 minutes even if outside of the main commute hours. Even if I worked at home some days, I have a four year old and don’t want to be that far away when I'm in the office.”
“My current company was purchased. I’m starting to look, but I’ll only talk about software.”
“My current commute is 45 minutes on the Bart. I would need to drive an hour, outside of the main traffic hours for your opportunity. Even though working a day a week at home would help and your role is a path to greater responsibilities in a faster growing industry than my current one, it’s too much of a lifestyle change to drive. “
“I really need to reduce my commute. I’m driving an hour 15 each way and I have a young child. Thank you for bringing your software opportunity to me, but I realized throughout this process that I really want to stay in consumer.”
“My child’s day care is 5 minutes from my house and my current job is 10 minutes. The new job may be half an hour. Although it’s a step up by giving me broader operational, cross functional experience, and even though you’re open to a reduced work schedule of 80%, I need to be able to get home every day to have lunch with my parent who needs my help.  There’s a lot going on in my life. Two years from now would be better.”
“Although your role would take me from Sr Manager of a large company to VP Finance reporting to the CEO and the company has seen strong growth in the last few years, I am 10 minutes away from my job, yours in 30 minutes and it’s not fast enough growth for me.”
“I’m done working full time. I can get so much contract help and just work 3 or 4 days a week then take time off. I’m going that route at this point in my career.”
“I’m not looking now so close to Thanksgiving, but would you call back on February 1st? I might be open then.”
What can you do about it? Tune in to our next blog post....