It’s maddening when you know you’re right. One option is to be defensive. Especially if someone outright accuses you of being wrong. But where will that get you? Stop. Step back. Get your self-awareness tools out. Look for a solution rather than hard-lining your “right” position. (Don’t we wish politics could work this way!)

Regulators recently had issue with a Nestle noodle product in India. PR missteps followed.  From the Wall Street Journal:

" This is a case where you can be so right and yet so wrong,’ says Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke. ‘We were right on factual arguments and yet so wrong on arguing. It’s not a matter of being right. It’s a matter of engaging the right way and finding a solution.’ He adds: ‘We live in an ambiguous world. We have to be able to cope with that. ”

Ask potential candidates to share a story about a time they disagreed with their boss and how they handled it. At Colosi Associates we always ask. There’s no right or wrong answer to that question, but you’ll learn a lot about whether the candidate is a Perfect Fit Financial Officer for your specific environment….or not.

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