Harvey Mackay writes articles with impactful business and life lessons. From one his articles, "Lessons in Discipline from Long-distance Running":

“Individual sports like long-distance running are especially tough because runners are on their own...(and) must have tremendous desire, determination, dedication and discipline, notwithstanding commitment, enthusiasm, and mental toughness. They have to set goals and prepare. It’s the same in business."

“To become a winning athlete or business person, you must be a hungry fighter — hungry for success, hungry for victory, and hungry to simply be the best you can be.”

How will you learn if an executive is a hungry fighter and if hungry fighting would be valued on your team? Here are three questions you might ask:

Tell me about a risk your took in your career.

Hungry fighters take risk in their careers - setting stretch goals, solving problems that no one wants to tackle, lobbying for the job they don’t have all the skills for yet. In fact they aren’t satisfied rinsing, washing and repeating. Constant problem-solving in new situations is how they thrive.

What did you learn from a risk you took that didn’t go as planned?

Risk takers should have some failures and some learning from them. Repeating the same mistakes, doing the same job year over year isn’t the hungry fighter profile.

Asking about what didn’t go well helps the hiring manager see that the person is human, has faults and can fix the flat tire and get going again. In my finance career, I worked on solving problems no one wanted and for a company or two with issues threatening their existence.  Tough. But I never learned more in such a short time.

As a triathlete, who began racing later in life, I’ve been told that I don’t take enough risk, and that I don’t know where the failure point is. Risk in sports can mean increasing risk of injury. It takes longer to recover when you're not 23 years old anymore. I’d say I take risk, but it’s definitely more conservative these days. Those who are achieving more seem to be injured more often and are “crashing” more often.

Tell me how you went outside your job box, outside the stated job description to add extra value.

"A" Players expand that box. They just won’t be able to stay inside. This question also dovetails the risk question above.

Let us help you define and find your next hungry fighter. Hiring mistakes cost 15 times salary. Don't let this happen to you!