About Jen Colosi...

Jen Colosi founded Colosi Associates with the goal of reducing the Art and increasing the Science of search to achieve a near 100% success rate for clients. She combines a keen understanding of current market conditions and technical talent evaluation using the same the focus, energy, and grit it takes to train and complete Ironman competitions....and it can take grit to hire just the right person for the team!

Who leaves a successful financial officer career to start at ground zero in the search business, unless she really thinks she can significantly reduce the risk of hiring mistakes?

Prior to her focus on search, Jen began her career as a Big Four CPA and hired many teams beginning early in her career. Finance was interesting, but the talent business, now that's challenging.

Jen is on the Board of Girls on the Run. GOTR trains girls to run a 5k through a program that combines running and life skills lessons. 


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